Services we provide:

Executive Protection


  With Texas Security Defense, LLC, we can assist with all your concerns and ensure your protection that would put your mind at ease throughout your traveling process. Our armed officers & armed security guard provide discreet protection with a high level of training.   



  With Texas Security Defense, LLC, we can help significantly reduce company’s possible threats. In today's, world you have to always be on guard. Our armed security guard are armed and ready. Security is probably the only true effective form of reducing theft, vandalism, damage to property and aggressive behavior toward staff and customers. Allow us to protect your biggest investment.  

Private Investigation


  We offer our clients a different types of investigative services from Infidelity Investigations to going undercover to gather vital information .  Our private investigators are specifically trained in each type of investigation service. If you are looking for an investigator give us a call.  



  The interview process can be time consuming for many of our busy clients, We at Texas Security Defense, LLC our trained private investigator specialize in interviews. Recorded interviews, scene interviews and field interviews etc are the types of interviews that all have one goal in common, to achieve an accurate account of what really happen. Our staff can do field interviews at any location such as: jails, nursing homes, places of employment or crime scene.  

Process Server



They specializes in process serving, skip traces, court filing, document retrieval, courier service, private investigation services for the legal, business, and government communities around Texas for years.  We specialize in the difficult to serve and service of evasive individuals with licensed private investigator.

We offer our clients the best overall value by saving them time, money, and the burden of researching service rules that vary from one jurisdiction to another.   

Skip Trace


Texas Security Defense, LLC has the knowledge and clearance to effectively find anyone, including long-lost loves, old high school and college classmates, heirs to estates, family members, distant relatives, former business partners, and more. We can also find those who are actively trying to remain hidden, such as  fugitives, eye-witnesses, defendants, and those trying to avoid paying child/spousal support or other debts. 

Background Check



With Texas Security Defense, LLC, we can assist with background checks. For example, a person may have connected with a love match and may want to confirm that the person is who he or she is claiming to be and also that the person is safe to be around. In other cases, the person may be being considered as a new employee. If the person is applying for a job with a business, the business may want to confirm that the employee has the credentials that he or she claims and may want to check with past employers about previous work history. If the person may be hired in the home such as a nanny or housekeeper, the person may want to confirm that he or she has not been convicted of any crimes involving harm to children or theft.




One of the best reasons to hire a private investigator is for his or her experience and skill in modern surveillance. Surveillance refers to a close observation of a person or group to monitor their activities to gather evidence and meet the objectives of the case. Surveillance is difficult and takes years of practical application in order to be effective. It is never recommended that someone other than licensed private investigators perform surveillance as most states have laws preventing it (stalking and Harassment).  Our private detective staff is licensed to engage in surveillance and have the techniques and experience necessary. Our experienced professionals have demonstrated their integrity and will use every legal method necessary to obtain the facts you desire.

Insurance Fraud



We want our insurance firm clients to learn the truth so they can keep their premium costs down and we want our legitimate consumer-claimants to get resolution so they can get back to their lives. From surveillance to witness interviews, a private investigator provides you with the information you need to properly evaluate the claim. We provide specialized investigative services to insurance carriers, companies, and adjusters. Our investigative services, which include surveillance, interviews, background checks and activities checks, help insurance adjusters and attorneys around the state and beyond. Our goal is simple: We want you to make educated and responsible claims decisions.

Child Custody



Whether preparing for an initial custody battle or challenging the terms of an existing agreement, a private investigator can assist in the gathering of evidence to substantiate claims of unfit living conditions or unlawful activities that could place risk upon the well-being of your child by a guardian or parent. It is often difficult for a judge to identify the true character of a parent or guardian, because they can easily mask their behavior when in court. An in-depth investigation consisting of covert surveillance and background checks is almost always necessary in proving improper conduct, and possessing strong undeniable evidence is often the determining factor between winning and losing custody cases.

Fugitive Recovery



A fugitive recovery agent is another name for a bail enforcement agent or a bounty hunter. Fugitive recovery describes a profession which locates criminals who have jumped bail in order to avoid facing criminal charges in court. Bounty hunters typically work for the bail bondsman who originally secured bond for the criminal and is now responsible for making sure the suspect shows up for their scheduled appearance in court. Here at Texas Security Defense, LLC we believe, follow and resect the laws set below: 

Sec. 1702.3863. Unauthorized Contract With Bail Bond Surety; Offense.

(a) A person commits an offense if the person contracts with or is employed by a bail bond surety as defined by Chapter 1704 to secure the appearance of a person who has violated Section 38.10, Penal Code, unless the person is:

a peace officer;

an individual licensed as a private investigator or the manager or a licensed investigations company; or

a commissioned security officer employed by a licensed guard company.

(b) An offense under Subsection (a) is a state jail felony.

Jail Visit



Here at Texas Security Defense, LLC we know how busy attorneys’ life can be. Your law firm isn’t just a place where you practice law. It’s a business. The goal of your business isn’t to generate more work than you can handle. It’s to generate enough revenue so you don’t have to work as hard. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true: Success in business is about working smarter, not harder. It’s about finding ways to spend less time making more money. We understand just how difficult it can be to have your client behind bars locked up in jail not able to see there attorney immediately. Texas Security Defense, LLC tries to assist with fixing that problem. Allow us to be your face in jail and gather the inmates story. They need to know someone is on their side, like a private investigator. They need a face they can talk to in confidence. They need a private meeting to discuss their story. Allow us to go visit your client gather their story and report back to you.

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